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JSM Eyewear CO.,Ltd. Is situated at Situ Town,Dangyang City,Jiangsu Province,China,where is kniwn as ¡°Home-town of Eyewear¡±,and where the eyewear business is booming. The transportation is very convenient.
The company specialises in Optical Frames, especially Metal Memory Frames,such as Children Ophthalmic Frames,Children Memory Frames,Adults Memory Frames, Welding Memory Frames,and Stainless Stell Frames,Amphibious Frames(polarlized Light Lens),etc.Our annual output 200,000,in which Memory Frames 16 to 170,000.We have effective quality management system,exquisite technology and advanced eyewear production apparatus. At the same time,we select imported high quality materials,such as imported memory alloy,stainless steel to make the optical frames of high and medium grades. Our products change to meet the changing market,we can provide service to the satisfaction of various customers.Our products are exported to USA, Middle East Area,and many countries of South East Asia,as well as in large cities of China, deeply trusted and highly evaluated by customers.
Quality first,Reputation upmost.We serve our customers. Sincerely we await and appreciate merchants,presence.
Tel:0086-511-86800886 Fax:0086-511-86803604
M.P.:0-13775506166 E-Mail:ching-jsm@163.com Wang Song Ying
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